Merton Green Action Group

I think it is such a great shame to spoil what green land we have left, as there are so many new developments being built on them. Why not infill, update and rebuild brown field areas instead. At least that way we can keep new builds to a minimum, thus preserving our natural environment.
As one person recently said to me Caerwent there is a "hidden community" that cares passionately about what happens to it..
I am part of that community and feel that this is an example of when we villagers should be able to express our views and have a say in its future..the motive being to retain its village status.. which surely is why many local  residents choose to live here.

 The adventures we used to have in the ditches....used to have hours of fun building homes out of freshly cut grass...

Emma Jones

 It was like war down there..loads of us with sticks using them like guns.....they may take our ditch,but not our memories...

Wayne Jenkins for the ditch those days were unreal!!!the amount of us that used to go down there was brilliant ..until you fell off your bike on the tree roots.not good!!

Jacob Guy

 Theres been talk of building on Merton Green for years,but building on Ash Tree Rd came as a'll ruin the village.

Dan Davies

Merton Green Action Group wish to say Happy Christmas to all their supporters and we look forward to working with you in the new year..the fight is still on! 

Congratulations on a significant step forward in your Campaign.
RREEL wishes you every success in acheiving your aims. 
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Best Wishes, Mel Plenty, Group Treasurer

GrumpyOldFella, Portskewett says...
10:51am Sun 2 Aug 09

Good on you. We need to protect our green spaces from the clutches of greedy developers. Replacing a well used community amenity with more houses that will innevitably put pressure on the remaining amenities is typical of the trend for building more and more houses without thought to the effect on the character of the village and the effect on the quality of life of the residents.