Merton Green Action Group

 The Real Picture

Whilst many people may look at the devastation at AshTree Road and think all is lost..not so!!

.the case has not altered..we have an extremely good claim..the land has been and continues to be used and this cannot be refuted.

.our claim will be looked at by an independent inspector or barrister who will test the evidence and prove the claim.

.a successful outcome must mean that the council will register the land as a Village Green..we think its rightful state..and any development is therefore unlawful on that land.

.the council have stated that they will enforce the reinstatement of the land if the claim is upheld.


We have received many letters of support,but would like anyone who feels that open spaces should be preserved and would like to support our claim please write or email to

Merton Green Action Group

c/o 6 Centurions Court




       NP26 5FG